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Fresh Gazpacho with Strawberries

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! The weather is getting warmer and my cravings are for summery foods. To be honest, I am all but a soup lover. It is not that I do not like soups, but somehow I hardly make any, nor do i really have any cravings for them.… Continue reading Fresh Gazpacho with Strawberries

World Food Challenge

Day 195: Yemen and Red Lentil Soup

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are going to Yemen and we are having our last soup: Red Lentil Soup. This is a simple, yet delicious soup made from red lentils. This soup can be found in most Arab countries, like Egypt and Morocco. The main ingredient, red lentils, stays the same. However some different spices… Continue reading Day 195: Yemen and Red Lentil Soup