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Middle Eastern Stuffed Aubergines

Welcome back to my little corner of  the internet! For those who know me, I enjoy stuffing vegetables with all kinds of ingredients. Among my favourite are certainly stuffed aubergines (eggplants for my US-American friends). For once in my life I wrote down the ingredients for the Middle-Eastern version I usually do. The recipe started… Continue reading Middle Eastern Stuffed Aubergines

World Food Challenge

Day 87: Jordan and Maqlubah

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are going to Jordan and making a traditional Middle eastern dish: Maqlubah (there are several way of transcribing the word; you may find maklouba, makluba, maqluba...). The word actually simply means "upside-down" in Arabic. And that's what it is: a dish that will be served upside-down to the way it… Continue reading Day 87: Jordan and Maqlubah