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Maahi Kebab – easy fish kebabs

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! If you are like me and prefer fish to meat, today's recipe is perfect for you. When we visited Iran already 2 years ago, after 3 weeks of meat kebabs, we were very happy to find some fish. For my kebab I used salmon, which I… Continue reading Maahi Kebab – easy fish kebabs

World Food Challenge

Day 183: Tuvalu and Tuvalu tuna

Tālofa, Raffies! Welcome to Tuvalu! Today we are enjoying one of the few ingredients that are not imported on Tuvalu: fish! Most ingredients are imported on Tuvalu. Usually, if the weather is kind, a big container ship comes to the island once a month and brings all that is needed. Otherwise, you stick to the… Continue reading Day 183: Tuvalu and Tuvalu tuna

World Food Challenge

Day 156: Seychelles and smoked fish salad

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are going to the Seychelles and dreaming of sunny beaches and the smell of the ocean. We are going to make Smoked fish salad. This is a really simple and quick dish, for those day when you want to have a cultural experience, but do not feel like standing in… Continue reading Day 156: Seychelles and smoked fish salad

World Food Challenge

Day 154: Senegal and bluefish with thiebou jen

Good evening, Raffies! For our last dinner in sunny Italy we are going to Senegal and enjoying a great national dish: bluefish with Thiebou jen. Traditional Senegalese cuisine involves many hands working together to prepare a dish and chanting and singing during the process. This starts by pounding the Fonio, a grain similar to millet.… Continue reading Day 154: Senegal and bluefish with thiebou jen