World Food Challenge

Day 144: Romania and Papanasi

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are going to enjoy a nice Romanian dessert: Papanasi. This dessert is a popular treat in Romania. Usually fried, it resembles a doughnut with a hat. It is filled with liquid jam, mostly cherries or berries, and smetana, the Romanian crème fraîche. Actually, there are two versions: the fried one and… Continue reading Day 144: Romania and Papanasi

World Food Challenge

Day 134: Palau and Pichi-Pichi

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are going to Palau to try yet another dessert: Pichi-Pichi. The reason why I chose this dish is quite silly, I thought the name was hilarious. In consistency, Pichi-Pichi reminded me of some mochis from Japan and my Japanese husband agrees, so maybe I am not completely insane. However, the… Continue reading Day 134: Palau and Pichi-Pichi


Scrumptious Chocolate Smoothie

Welcome back, my dear Raffies! I have been into experimenting with smoothies, preferring the ones with berries. My husband, who is not a big fan of fruits in general, has been complaining about the lack of chocolate lately, therefore I decided to create a chocolate overflow smoothie for him. Ingredients: 2 chilled bananas ½ c… Continue reading Scrumptious Chocolate Smoothie

World Food Challenge

Day 110: Marshall Islands and Sweet Macadamia Pie

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are, once again, going for a dessert for the Marshall Islands. We are going to make some nice Macadamia Pie. First of all, I started with a basic pie dough. Usually, the easiest and fastest for me is a simple shortcrust pastry. Ingredients: 2 eggs 500 g flour 200 g… Continue reading Day 110: Marshall Islands and Sweet Macadamia Pie