Simply Delicious Empanadas

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. Today, I felt like making empanadas. This type of Spanish pie is a staple in Spain. The most common versions are with minced meat or tuna. Here I will share the tuna recipe I used for my empanada. Empanadas can be small moon shaped pies or,… Continue reading Simply Delicious Empanadas

World Food Challenge

Day 101: Lithuania and Balandeliai

Labas, Raffies! Tonight we are going to Lithuania and making some cabbage rolls. This is a dish you find quite often in Germany, as well.  Usually, my grandma used to make them in the oven, though. The Lithuanian version is achieved by simmering the rolls on a low flame. The recipe is quite simple. For… Continue reading Day 101: Lithuania and Balandeliai