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Christmas Cookies – my winning 11

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! 'Tis the time of the year where my German DNA is strong. As soon as the Advent time starts, I feel this urge to start baking cookies. Every good German bakes a minimum of 4 different cookies. My grandma used to make 18 different types of… Continue reading Christmas Cookies – my winning 11

World Food Challenge

Day 193: Venezuela and Pan de Jamón

Hola, Raffies! Get out your candles and Christmas decoration! Only 117 days left! Time for a Christmas dinner, right? We are going to Venezuela and we are going to enjoy a typical Christmas dinner: Pan de jamón. This is a lovely calzone-like dough, rolled up and filled with ham and bacon. For the vegetarians among… Continue reading Day 193: Venezuela and Pan de Jamón