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Caribbean Chicken Curry and Roti

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! When I was still living in the Netherlands, I enjoyed the Surinamese cuisine, its curry with potatoes, green bean and chicken and its lovely roti. So, being confined at home, I decided to give it a go at home. Ingredients: 1 Chicken breast, cut into chunks… Continue reading Caribbean Chicken Curry and Roti

World Food Challenge

Day 70: Guatemala and jocón

Buenas tardes, Raffies! Today was a day off, for it is Kingsday in the Netherlands. However, I have been busy cooking. For instance, I made my husband very happy, since he was complaining about my making only fruity smoothies. Therefore, I decided to make a chocolate one for him..What do you think? Anyways, today's country… Continue reading Day 70: Guatemala and jocón