Breakfast in Madrid – Mür Café

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. Today I wanted to share a little café I had breakfast in last Sunday. It is a cute small café close to Plaza de España in Madrid. Mür Café is in the district of Malasaña, a vibrant place for students and passionate artists, writers and poets.… Continue reading Breakfast in Madrid – Mür Café

World Food Challenge

Day 180: Tunisia and Tunisian Shakshuka

Good evening, Raffies! Today we are going to Tunisia and we are going to try a different version of Shakshuka. A few months back, we made the Israelian version of this dish. So, when I was searching for a dish for Tunisia, I got intrigued upon reading about the Tunisian version of Shakshuka. In Tunisia, it… Continue reading Day 180: Tunisia and Tunisian Shakshuka

World Food Challenge

Day 103: Macedonia and Tavče gravče

Good evening, Raffies! Tonight we are going to the country with one of my favourite flags: Macedonia! We are making a traditional Macedonian dinner: Tavče gravče. This dish is usually served on a Friday night and, since most Macedonians are Christian Orthodox, it is often meatless. It is said that every real Macedonian household serves… Continue reading Day 103: Macedonia and Tavče gravče