A trip to Sicily – Pt.1: Cefalù

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Recently, I was asked about go-to places in Sicily and I remembered the trip I did with my mom in 2014. It was not the first time for me, but my mom had never been, thus we decided to do a round trip of three weeks.

I know that this trip did not cover all the beautiful places to be found in Sicily, but I think it can give you a nice overview.

First of all, I firmly believe that a car is necessary, if you want to travel around. Unfortunately, public transport is not as developed as it could. I have traveled the island by bus before, but you are much more mobile and flexible if you have a car. We drove from our home in Northern Italy all the way down, but you could also rent a car.

Coming from the continent, the first stop after crossing the strait of Messina is the city of Messina. We arrived there in the early afternoon and had about an hour to see the city, before traveling to Cefalù, where we would spend the night.

if you have a limited time in Messina, the go-to places are the Dome and the Port of Messina, which is actually, where you arrive, so you are technically already there. 😉 In the harbour, you will see the Madonna del Porto.

On we go on the motorway along the coast to Cefalù. On the road you can see the Aeolian Islands with Vulcano showing its beauty.

Vulcano and the Aeolian Islands seen from the motorway

Cefalù is a small coastal town, one hour away from Palermo. The major attraction of this small town is its majestic Norman cathedral. It was crowned a Unesco World Heritage and stands vigilating over the town. The town dates back to the times of Ancient Greece and has seen many lords: Greek, Roman, Phoenician, Arab.

Cathedral of Cefalù

Some Arab influences still remain in the beautifully decorated tiles you can find on the staircases.

Tiles on the stairs or Cefalù

Enjoy a stroll through the streets and walk into the Medieval washing basins. Women wold come here and wash their laundry.Medieval Basins Cefalù

If oyu are up for a hike, you can climb up, see some prehistoric excavations and look at the Etna in the distance.

Cefalù view

And now I have realised that this post has become quite long, so, see you in Part 2!

To be continued…

Have you ever visited Sicily? What did you like best?



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