Ethiopian Injera in Madrid

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The very first time I heard of injera was during my world food challenge. This is the national dish for both Ethiopia and Eritrea. I had made this dish during the challenge, but since I had never eaten a “real” one, I had no clue whether it would be as good or even better (hoping for the latter).

So one of my big goals was to go and try my fist injera. Last week we finally went to Hanan in Madrid. This cosy Ethiopian restaurant makes you feel right at home and gives you what you’re there for: Injera!

Hanan interior

The hostess is a warmhearted Ethiopian lady who will give you an authentic Ethiopian experience. She’ll introduce you to this African country and will make you experience the original Ethiopian hospitality.

For a fair price, you can take your first steps by picking a “Menu degustación” or a tasting menu. It involves a started and an injera to share.

We went for the samussa, which I also made for my challenge. They come in both vegetarian with lentil filling and meat filling.


The injera comes served in a beautiful basket to share and you dig in with your hands!


On the table are injera rolls, salad, spicy chicken, minced meat, lentils, potatoes and carrots, hard boiled egg, chicken and beef and Ethiopian cream cheese.

If you ever happen to be in Madrid and would like to experience something new, this is definitely the place for you (rhyme not intended).

Do you like injera? Have you ever tried it or would you like to try it? Let me know in the comments.



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