World Food Challenge

Day 1: Afghanistan’s Kabuli Palaw

Welcome back, Raffies!

Nice to see you here at the beginning of my culinary journey around the globe. When I was planning my world food challenge, I was considering several ways of organising the flow of dishes. Since I had bought one of those scratchable maps, I would have enjoyed proceeding per continent, but I thought that it would have been easy for me losing track of the countries and dishes. Ultimately, I decided to stick to the easy way and proceed in alphabetical order.

The first country on the menu was Afghanistan. I am fascinated by this country, its culture and cuisine. Among the countless deliciously looking recipes, choosing one was all but easy. In the end, I decided to go for the Kabuli Palaw. Palaw, also known as pilaw, is a fruity rice, usually served with raisins, nuts and saffron. In addition, the rice is cooked with lamb or mutton and served on a big plate in the typical mountain shape. The result was amazing. I had feared for this dish to be quite dry, but not at all. The meat was tender and juicy and the rice was fantastic. For those of you who do not eat meat, there are several vegetarian variations too. Kabuli palaw is often referred to as the national food of Afghanistan. It was definitely a good start into this challenge!

Kabuli Palaw
Kabuli Palaw

For those of you who want to try to make this dish at home, I have followed this recipe.

See you tomorrow with the next dish!



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