World Food Challenge

Day 136: Panama and Tortillas de Maíz con queso fresco

Hello Raffies!

Today we are going for a quick dinner from Panama: Tortilla de Maíz con Queso fresco, which are con tortillas with cream cheese.
The tortilla in Panama is different from the ones in Central America and Mexico. It is much thicker and crispier. It resembles more the Southern American versions, this due to its historic correlation. Panama’s history has been closely entwined with Colombia’s, thus this might have influenced their way of making tortilla.
In Central America, tortillas are used as plates, napkin, spoon and bread, whereas the version from Panama is just to enjoy with cheese, meat or anything, really.

The recipe is incredibly easy:
2 c corn flour
1/2 c cream cheese (or any other fresh cheese, also the ones you can grate)
1 tbsp oil

Mix the ingredients together and shape disks of approximately 5cm in diametre and 0.5-1 cm thick. Fry the disks in oil until golden-brown. Drain on some kitchen paper to get rid of any excess oil and serve hot and crunchy.

They were great! I ate them with some more cheese and some salad and they were delicious. Very crunchy.



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